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Our Mission

Tuck Diversity Business Programs build on the top faculty and superb education for which Tuck is famous, carefully customizing our executive programs to meet the unique needs of underrepresented entrepreneurs and business owners who are people of color, Native American, women, veterans of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, LGBTQI+, and/or disabled.
Three things have had the greatest impact on my life: the birth of my daughter, marrying my husband, and attending Tuck.
Farida Gibbs
Gibbs Hybrid
Bravo for making us seen, loved, valuable, capable, and integrated into industries where we can feel marginalized or out of place. The work will never be finished, but the Tuck Diversity Business Programs have surely made an impact on this world.
Keturah Marie Nunnally
3fifteen Studios
I’m a Tuckie for life! Thank you for reminding me that it is not about just me and my company, but the people behind me, my community, and the legacy I want to leave behind.
Johanna Suarez
Reliable Restorations
Tuck's one week strategic retreat was of immeasurable value. The lessons that we learned in their Financial Analysis session put our company on track to expansion just weeks after completing the program.
Charlotte Jones-Burton
CycleBar Livingston
We’ve been in business for 17 years and we have never worked with a CPA who has provided the type of insight that Tuck did. For me, the classes on accounting had such a great, immediate impact that will continue to for years to come.
Ethel Torres
National Drug Source

Since 1980, Tuck Diversity Business Programs have fostered diverse inclusion in the business world by educating thousands of underrepresented business owners.

Our uniquely constructed programs offer participants exactly what they need at different points in their ownership journey. Emerging entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of business and what it takes to succeed, while established business owners and their top team members gain the deeper knowledge they need to accelerate their growth and success.

Our diverse and highly-experienced faculty truly understand the needs of our participant population. They know the challenges that diverse entrepreneurs face, and because they also have extensive industry experience, they offer unique advice to help participants maximize their roles as leaders and create success in the marketplace.

Taught on the Dartmouth campus in the heart of New England, our programs combine the academic excellence of the Ivy League with the benefits of a strategic retreat. Working on the business rather than in the business allows for the purposeful reflection that is so important but that can be so difficult to schedule in the hectic day-to-day life of an entrepreneur.

Our decades of experience educating top diverse entrepreneurs and business owners has led us to continuously refine our programs to best meet the needs of our participants and the corporations they supply. Our programs help participants prosper personally and professionally. Program alumni routinely tell us their businesses and lives have been forever changed for the better.  


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