Obtaining a Scholarship

All accepted participants receive a scholarship from Tuck that covers more than half the program price.

The full price of an Tuck Executive Education program is $12,500. For the Tuck Diversity Business Programs, more than half of this cost is charitably underwritten by donors and Tuck. The participant fee covers the balance of tuition and materials. We do everything we can to keep this participant fee low, in order to make our programs accessible to the widest audience possible. 

Many participants receive sponsorships from the corporations that they supply or the non-profits through which they are certified. We recommend leveraging your professional network to seek funding from sources that are invested in your business’s success. To help you find outside support, we have put together a Funding Guide with scholarship opportunities, ways to seek outside sponsorship, and a template for approaching your network for support. 

If you are unable to find a sponsorship through your network, you may choose to cover the participant fee through your business's professional development budget. For candidates who show early interest, payment plans are available in the months leading up to the program. Please contact us for more information.

Whether you are being sponsored or paying the fee yourself, payment is due in full 45 days before the program begins.

We are grateful to all of the corporations and nonprofit foundations that help support Tuck Diversity Business Programs. You can learn more about them on our sponsorships page.

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